Boots Haul & Real Techniques First Impressions 

Okay so I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’ve never owned any Real Techniques brushes. Ever.

I think I was one of the only people that didn’t!

Almost all my friends have been telling me for ages that I need to invest in some and a lot of the bloggers I read and watch speak highly of them, so I decided it was time to bite the bullet and give them a go.

It turned out that this was one of the best choices I’ve made in a while as when I looked on they were on offer- half price! 

Normally they would cost £21.99 but on offer they only cost me £10.99! Now I’m really tight with my money and to me £22 for four brushes is too much. It doesn’t matter if they’re great, I can’t justify spending that much to myself. However £11 is much better and I was very happy to pay that for the set.

At the time of writing this post they’re still on offer so if you’re wanting to try them after reading this then click here!

I also decided to pick up the Real Techniques Blush Brush and the Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit. I needed a new powder brush and not only did this one look lovely but one of my friends swears by it. The Contour Kit was a bit of a whim, I’ve seen a lot of bloggers raving about this lately and, since I am absolutely shocking at contouring, I decided to give it a try and see if it is as good as everyone claims!

So first up; the Core Collection Kit. I have to start off by saying that I was a little annoyed when I opened up the packaging and found that the case is a different colour to the one advertised! On the website it shows the travel case is black but the one I got is a grey/blue with white outline, which I really don’t like the look of if I’m being honest. It looks kind of cheap and tacky to me.


The case closes up and has a velcro strap to keep it secure while traveling and can also be used as a stand to display the brushes. Personally I don’t keep them in the case as its not easy to put them back into the little holders and it seems like a lot of hassle for daily use.

However I will be using the case when I’m travelling as it can also fit my Blush Brush inside and keeps everything together and organised so I don’t loose any of them!


Buffing Brush

This brush is one of the main reasons I wanted to buy the kit as I needed something new to apply my foundation with. Until recently I had been using a damp beauty sponge- also from Real Techniques. Now don’t get me wrong I liked how my makeup looked when I applied it this way but the coverage could be a little patchy and not as full as I would like.

So far I’m liking applying my foundation with this brush, it does mean using a bit more product than with my sponge but it is a lot more full coverage and doesn’t leave any patchy bits or streaks.

This is defiantly one of my favourite brushes that I’ve ever used!


Contour Brush

Now I have to be honest (and as I said at the beginning) I’m useless at this contouring malarky so it could just be me doing this wrong, but I found this brush a bit hard to use for creating a contour line. I usually just use my Eco tools one as I’ve kind of got the hang of doing it with that one but I’m persevering with this brush as practice makes perfect as they say!

I do use it for setting under my eyes though, it’s the perfect shape for it! I’ve always struggled getting right up to my eye without poking myself with it and ruining my makeup because my eye starts watering. But this brush is small enough and the right shape to get right into the inner corner!


Foundation Brush

Now I don’t use these kind of foundation brushes myself, I used to years ago when I first started out with makeup but I never really liked them. Now brushes are personal preference so if you like this style of brush I would get a second opinion from someone else who does too.

For me it would be a bit too small to be practical as a foundation brush but I have been using it for blending out my concealer if I’m using a liquid one or my Watts Up! highlighter as it does both of those pretty well! Its not one I use regularly I’ll be honest but it’s still a good brush to have in my collection in case I need it.


Detailer Brush

This brush is the only one I’ve really struggled to find a use for: It’s meant to be for concealer or applying lip products, but the only thing I’ve really used it for is if I have a stray bit of lippie on my skin or need to tidy up my lip line.

As I’m writing this I realised it could be good for cleaning up and highlighting my brows and inner corner of my eye too so I’ll have to try that out. Either way its part of the set and technically each brush works out at £2.75 each so even if I only use it a handful of times it’ll still be worth it!


Now onto the Blush Brush. 

I used to use The Body Shop Face and Body Brush but I never really got on with it, I can’t really explain but it was a bit too soft. It never gave me the coverage I wanted and while it was good for blending things out I much prefer this Real Techniques one! Its solid but still soft and light…if that even makes sense.

I use it for both powder and blush: It’s great with my Rimmel Stay Matte Press Powder on my oily bits and for making sure I don’t have a foundation line (i’m super paranoid about that happening!). Its great for blush too, it doesn’t pick up too much product and distributes it pretty evenly on my cheeks thanks to the shape of it!


As I said, I picked up the Seventeen Contour Kit after hearing so many good things about it and decided to pick it up while ordering my brushes. I love the packaging, its really solid and seems like it would stand up to travelling. It also has a huge mirror with it which is perfect for topping up my makeup on the go.


The thing I love most about this kit is that it comes with instructions!! While I know the basics of conouring from watching Jaclyn Hills vidoes on YouTube I need all the help I can get!

I like this little touch as if the person buying it doesn’t how to contour its a nice added touch, especially for younger people. I got my kit is the lightest shade as I’m super pale and hoped that the highlighter might actually be a highlighter this way….yeah that didn’t work out as planned.

I can’t say I’m that impressed with this kit as much as I would love to be, not for its intended purpose anyway. The contour colour is a bit too orange for my taste, I think a more ashy colour would look better on me with my completion. I use Hoola Bronzer at the moment but I’m on the look out for a new one if anyone has any recommendations?

The highlighter isn’t a highlighter on me at all unfortunately, its no different to my natural skin colour- I’m so pale! Its great for setting under my eyes though as it does brighten them a little, especially if I’ve got dark eyeshadow or liner on. I’ve noticed I’ve had a lot less trouble with my concealer creasing since doing this so the kit was worth buying just for this I think!


Overall I’m loving all of the brushes I bought, even the ones I don’t really have a use for yet. The price while on offer is brilliant value for money and I’m thinking of investing in a few more of them! The contour kit, while not fantastic, is good for what I use it for. I probably wouldn’t buy it again unless it was on offer but its still a nice kit and I’m sure there are people out there (with none vampire like skin) who this would be perfect for.


Do you have any of these brushes? What do you think of them? Let me know if there are any you would recommend for me to add to my collection! 

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Whats In My Bag?

Having just bought a new bag for my trip to London I decided I might as well do this tag while changing everything over.

(it’s also a great way to make sure I have everything with me that I’ll need!)

I’ve seen loads of bloggers write these posts and I must admit I love reading them- I’m so nosey! I enjoy seeing what people have in their bags and possibly find some new things that I just have to buy!

So this is my new bag: it’s a backpack from Primark and it cost £9! I know a lot of people say you shouldn’t ware backpacks as they’re easy to get into and steal out of but I won’t be able to juggle my normal bag plus a case, this will make things so much easier! Plus I really love backpacks. I wanted one that zipped up to make it harder to get into and my friend who I went shopping with spotted this one for me. It holds a lot more than you think it would with room to spare and I’m the kind of person who takes everything including the kitchen sink, so that’s saying a lot!

The pompom is from either New Look or Topshop (I have one from each and can’t remember which I got from where) but it goes on whichever bag I’m using as I absolutely love it.

In the front zip compartment I always keep a mini bottle of antiperspirant, the one I have at the minute is one from Sure that I picked up in Primark when I was buying my bag. Those little stands by the tills always get!

Headphones are an absolute must for me, especially if I’m travelling. I use music as a way to help control my social anxiety and have different playlists on Spotify for different situations.

It works fairly well but I can’t walk around with headphones in in public anymore after a guy tried to drag me into a car when I was 17 and I didn’t hear him coming because I had them in. Good job my dad drilled self defence into me so much that it’s become instinctive, I dread to even think what might have happened as I’m pretty sure he didn’t want just a friendly conversation with me. This is actually the main reason I have social anxiety funnily enough so yeah, no walking with headphones in for me.

This final item I keep in the front compartment is my asthma inhaler. Don’t ask me to tell you the name of it as I have no idea what it is, as with all medications it’s at least three syllables too long. All I know is it’s one of the only inhalers I can use. I have a heart condition which means I can’t use inhalers that include steroids, but my asthma is so bad that I need stronger inhalers and all of which include steroids….bit of a catch 22!

Two things that I never leave the house without are my purse and my house keys. I don’t know where the purse is from I’m afraid as I bought it from the charity shop I volunteer at and there’s no name inside. The pompom is from wherever the other one isn’t from, I’m thinking this is the New Look one but I’m not sure why.

I used to have tones of keyrings on my keys but I recently decided to get rid of them and just have my pompom and penlight on them, I actually feel more like an adult now though I couldn’t explain why!

Next are my sunglasses; with the wonder that is the Great British weather you can never know what it’s going to be like from one minute to the next so I always have these with me. They’re prescription ones from Specsavers as I can’t see a thing without my glasses on!

I can hear the Velma comments now.

Before I bought these I would just buy standard sunglasses and do the best I could. I get bad light migraines so I didn’t really have an option, I had to wear something when it was sunny. But after a few years of not being able to read texts and nearly getting knocked over by cars I decided to take advantage of Specsavers two-for-one deal and pick up a prescription pair as well as a new pair of normal glasses.

Best decision I’ve ever made!

My travel passes and student card are two things I have with me at all times still, more out of habit than anything. I buy all my train tickets through the Trainline these days and, even though it says you need to present your 16-25 discount card when asked, I’ve never been asked yet!

Can garuntee if I didn’t have it with me they’d want to see it though.

Sod’s law.

The case is from Paperchace and is brilliant for keeping everything travel related in one place.

You were meant to have a red lapel and wear your student card round your neck at all times at uni but no one ever did- most of my class lost their cards and never bothered to replace them! I changed my lapel to a Cath Kidson one that matches my phone case and no one seemed to care. I don’t really need to carry it around with me anymore but until I get my new one from Sheffield I might as well take advantage of still having it for student discount!

These are my “misc” items; I never leave the house without hand sanitizer (I’m a real germaphobe!) and I love this one from Soap and Glory, it smells soooo nice!

I don’t tend to use perfume, instead I use this body mist from Ted Baker. I have the large version at home for daily use and keep this little bottle for when I’m on the go.

Hair brush and manicure set are pretty self explanatory…the set is from Primark and the brush is from the travel section in Boots.

This is my favourite lip product of all time! I’ve tried the lingerie ones and I’ll be honest: I can’t stand them! You can read my thoughts on them in my NYX Lip Lingerie Letdown post if you’re interested in my opinion. I much prefer the suede collection and Sandstorm is a gorgeous colour and formula. It’s always in my bag, even if I’m wearing a different product: I’ll put them both in my bag, just in case!

My mirror is again from Primark (you starting to seeing a pattern here yet?) and it’s something else that I always keep with me. I don’t tend to top my makeup up during the day but I will make sure the my lipstick looks good and that I’ve not got food or something round my mouth after eating…I have nightmares about that happening!

Last but by no means least- a portable charger. This baby is a life saver! Especially since Pokemon go took over my life. Having an iPhone is great, I could never go back to an android as I hated them, but the battery on them can be shocking! Especially as mine is getting a little old now and I could really do with upgrading it- it needs charging so much these days it might as well be a landline!

There are few more little bits such as chewing gum, “women’s products” and pretty much a whole first aid kit that I always carry around with me but thought that one might be a bit TMI…

Send me the links to your own or your favourite What’s in my Bag posts/videos- I’d love to read/watch them!


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Dear Diary: I’m Going To University 

So as some of you who have been reading my blog for a while may know, I recently finished my HND in Graphic Design at University Campus Barnsley. I have to say the last year was such a cock-up and even though I managed to pull through with some good work and decent marks it was only through a lot of hard work, stress and late nights!

I thought that this catastrophic year would ruin my chances of progressing onto a full degree, especially at a decent university but I’ve never been so happy to say I’m wrong!


I applied for a Digital Media Production course at Sheffield Hallam a few weeks ago and was asked to send in my portfolio of work (cue panic and rush to make one as I didn’t actually have one…) but I never heard back after that. I kept trying to ring clearing but all they would tell me is that they’d received it and someone would look at it and get back to me.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and go to the clearing open day yesterday and speak to a tutor about my application. Abby from ForAllThatWander was kind enough to come with me (sorry about dragging you around so much!) and we actually got to see a tutor straight away.

He’d not seen my application and didn’t know anything about it which was really worrying but he was really nice and said that he’d go look into it for me and try to get my an answer as soon as possible. He then asked me about what I’ve done in my HND, why I wanted to be on the course- a mini interview really while also telling me what we’d be covering and answering my questions. He was really impressed with my answers and I love the sound of the course, they even cover film making which is something I’ve never done before!

I then dragged Abby round one of the campus tours just so I have a vague idea where everything is…I’m going to get sooooo lost! It’s so different to UCB and I love it already. Oh and the library is huge! I felt like Belle when Beast shows her his library!

We were starving after all that walking (won’t need the gym I’ll get fit just walking to classes!) so we went to McDonald’s…yeah I know so healthy but we’re both a little short on money and that foods cheap.

While there I got an email that made me want to scream, cry and throw up- I’d got a condition offer!!!

I must have really impressed the tutor as it was only about an hour and a half since I spoke to him! I had to complete a form and send it off along with photocopies of my GCSEs, which I have, so I’m waiting now for my official welcome email and to find out what happens next but I can’t believe I got an offer!

I think I’m still slightly in shock as the whole thing doesn’t feel real yet. I’ve told my family and a few close friends but I’ve not announced it on my Facebook yet, I think I’ll wait till I’ve defiantly got on- just in case! I know I’m writing a post about it but the only people who know me in real life and read this are good friends and I don’t mind them knowing now.

Photo 18-08-2016, 14 44 07

The only thing I’ve really done this week is sit in waiting for my order. I paid for next day delivery but thanks to Royal Mail my package was mishandled and ended up going to the wrong sorting office. It ended up taking three days to turn up and I missed out on some gorgeous weather!

Boots were really nice about it though, they refunded me my postage and gave me 200 points as an apology which I thought was really kind. Plus they actually have decent hold music when you phone them up which makes a nice change, anyone who’s had to phone the Department of Work and Pensions knows what I’m talking about!

I decided to FINALLY invest in some Real Techniques brushes and the Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Pallet. I think I must have been the only person left who didn’t own at least one of these brushes! The starter pack is on offer in Boots at the moment; £10.99 instead of £21.99 so I snapped it up straight away as that’s a real bargain! I also got the Blush Brush as it was recommended to me by a friend as a great powder/blush combination brush.

The contour kit I mainly picked up because I saw so many blog posts about how great it is and though while it was on offer I might as well give it a try. Now I’ll be the first to admit, I’m useless with makeup! I can do that basics and make myself look nice but winged liner, smokey eyes and contouring is beyond me. But I’m determined to master them and keep practicing is the best way!

I’m going to be doing a review on this mini haul next week so I wont go into too much detail now, but first impressions are that the brushes are amazing! I haven’t found a use for two of them yet but I’m sure a bit of playing around and experimenting with them will come up with something!

The contour pallet I’m not so sure on. The highlighter isn’t a highlighter at all for me. I don’t know if it’s because I’m so pale already but it hardly shows up on my skin (and I bought the lightest one too…). Still it’s great for setting under my eyes and it does brighten the area slightly which I like, it makes me look more awake which I’m never going to complain to. The contour shade is too orange for my liking, it isn’t as nice as my Hoola Bronzer but I’m going to carry on trying it, maybe try to mix the two together or something.

The full review will probably be up at the end of next week so I’ve had some time to give them a fair try, so keep your eyes out if you’re interested in reading it!

I’m now off to do battle with Student Finance so wish me luck, I’m going to need it!


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eBay and Anxiety

I feel a bit strange writing this post as I don’t really like admitting when things like this set my anxiety off. I guess I still expect people to laugh at me and make nasty comments like has happened for most of my life.

I don’t think thats going to happen though, the blogging comunity have been so lovely since I joined and if this post helps just one other person then I’ll be happy!

So after a very long debate with myself, I decided to try selling some of my unwanted items on eBay. I’ve wanted to do this for ages (I have soooo much stuff that I don’t use anymore) but my anxiety has always stopped me. In my latest Dead Diary Post I said that I didn’t really know why this sets my anxiety off but after a lot of mindfulness I think I’ve figured it out. I want to write about it because other people might have the same thoughts and I want you to know that it’s perfectly fine if you do!

My biggest anxiety is over sending the item(s). Listing them and communicating with possible buyers is easy and I think I’ve done that part really well. What freaks me out is when someone buys something and I then have to send it- that’s when my brain wakes up and starts having a hissy fit!

Have I got the right address? What if it gets lost? What if the person isn’t happy with it and says I didn’t describe it properly? …You get the jist.

So far I’ve sold three items: A bra, a bralet and a foundation brush. The first time I was in a right state! I had a full blown panic attack which was terrifying at the time but I can laugh at now as it does seem a tad over the top!

I’d been so busy thinking about listing and promoting the items that I completely forgot to buy the packaging to send them off in…Auntie Jayne to the rescue! She works in our local Post Office and has been a life saver this last week! She brought me a large envelope and talked me through the posting options available to me, advising me on which is best to use and why. (I’m going to include some tips at the end of this post so I’ll go into this more then) She then took the package into work with her the next day so I knew that it had been sent off correctly!

The second time was only a day later but this time it was a little easier, I knew what to expect and I could logic out the anxiety. I went up to the post office, spoke to my auntie and packaged everything up there, it only took me 10 minutes- if that!

The last one I hardly battered an eyelid at doing, just packaged it up and sent it off. My anxiety is normally set off by the unknown, if I don’t know what to do or expect in a situation then I freak out. Big time. But once I’ve done it a few times and know whats expected of me then then I can manage my anxiety and completely the tasks pretty easily! My mum things its linked to my Aspergers and personally I think she’s right. I need rules and to have things explained I detail before I can do them. If that doesn’t happen- cue crippling anxiety and intrusive thoughts.

So if you’re thinking of selling on eBay but find the thought makes you anxious, I’ve listed a few tips which migh help you:

  • Have the packaging ready before you list your item. This is a big one, don’t leave it until the item has sold and you need to rush around. This will just cause you even more anxiety!
  • Look into your postage options before listing, to see what P&P you should be charging. I didn’t think about this at all and if it wasn’t for my auntie I would have been screwed. She recommended to always get recorded delivery as you have proof of postage and can see where your item is whenever you want to. I sent all of my items 2nd class recorded as it was cheaper. Also be aware that if you’re item is more that 5cm thick it will cost you more to send so always make your items as flat as possible (if you can that is).
  • Take your packaging costs into account. This one links into the others, I didn’t think about adding in the cost of actually buying the packaging into the postage costs so I was technically a bit out of pocket. It’s only a little thing but I know it just added to my anxiety so it’s better to plan this out beforehand too.
  • Have a buddy. If you have someone there to support you then that’s going to help reduce your anxiety levels loads. Having my auntie there  through it all to explain anything I didn’t get helped so much! If you don’t have anyone you can turn to please feel free to message me on any of my social media and I will happily help you! (my links are at the bottom of this post)

If you want to see what things I have left for sale then you can find them HERE (Got to do a bit of self promotion- don’t judge me!)


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Photo 28-02-2016, 10 14 34

Harry Blogger Tag

Okay so as anyone who knows me is aware- I am just a tiny bit obsessed with Harry Potter! I have been for as long as I can remember. I remember reading the first book when I was 4 years old and picking my House from the original sorting hat song before I really knew much about the Houses.

I’ve been a Slytherin ever since!

Yeah, yeah I know I’ll end up getting some House hate for that but I really don’t care, just remember Tonk’s mum was a Slytherin before people start calling us all bad.

When I saw Sopherina’s  post I knew that I just had to join in!

Photo 28-02-2016, 10 14 34

So here we go, this is my Harry Potter Tag:

1. Who is your favourite character?

Hagrid. I don’t even have to think about this one. He is such a kind and lovely person and in my opinion the best father figure that Harry had. When he first meets Harry he took the time to give Harry food, his first ever birthday cake and tell him how much he looked like his parents before doing anything else. He also reminds me of my grandad in some ways so that makes me love him even more.

2. Which is your favourite book?

I think I’d have to go with The Goblet of Fire. I love it for probably a bit of a strange reason; yes I love the drama when Voldemort comes back and the suspense of the tasks but the reason I love this book so much is for what it taught me. The media cannot be trusted. Rita was a great example of what the news and social media actually does, they never tell you the whole story- just the bits they want you to know! It taught me at a very young age never to trust everything you read and it something that has stuck with me all my life.

3. Which is your least favourite book?

Order of the Phoenix. I know loads of people like this book but I can’t stand it- it just feels like a drag to read. The only parts I like are the ones when Fred and George are causing havoc and the mayhem that their exit causes! Umbrage reminds me of a teacher at primary school that everyone hated and Sirius…well I can’t even talk about that one…

4. Which character is most like you?

Oh gosh this one is a hard one! I don’t think I really connected with any of the characters as strange as that sounds, I never had a one that I would say “that is so me!”. I guess maybe Luna because she’s very different and got bullied because of it.

I have “suspected” Aspergers (I’ll be so glad when I finally get my assessment and no longer have to put that word!) and especially when I was younger, it made me noticeably different and I got badly bullied for it.

I also love Hermione though because she is really opinionated about her beliefs and loves to learn/read! I am such a bookworm and was at the top of my classes at school so I guess I’d have to merge two here and say Luna/Hermione!

5. If you could spend a day as a witch in Hogwarts, what would you do?

Okay first things first- FEAST! Then I’d be off to play some Quidditch (on a Firebolt ofc). After that I would need to get washed and would of course be using the prefects bathroom- I’m dying to try out some of those taps! I think I’m strange here because I’d love to go to all of the lessons and learn as much about magic as I could, even History of Magic. Then I’d finish off by going to Hogsmeade, buying my bodyweight in sweets from Honeydukes and finish off with a Firewiskey in the Three Broomsticks (I’m 22 so legally allowed!)

6. What is your favourite spell?

Defiantly the Patronus Charm! As someone who has depression this is a charm that resonates with me so much.

7. Is there anything you would change about the plot?

Fred, Tonks and Remus dying- that broke me! I don’t care why they had to die and what it represents, that was heartbreaking to read!

8. Where were you when you started reading The Philosophers Stone for the first time?

At home, reading before bed…I think…I was 4 and my mum isn’t here at the moment to ask so I’m not 100% sure!

9. Cho was Harry’s first kiss, who would your first kiss be at Hogwarts?

I’d have to go for Fred, I never can resits a troublemaker! Don’t know why I like Fred over George, I have done from reading the first book for some reason.

10. Finally, is there anyone in reality you’d love to cast a slug puking spell on?

I’m not a particularly vindictive person normally but if I happened to walk past my ex, my wand might just slip…


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Dear Diary: The Family One 

So as I write this I’m curled up with a cup of coffee and toast with lots of lemon curd on it. For the first time in quite a while I feel like I’ve had a productive week and can actually relax on a Sunday rather than having a constant feeling of anxiety gnawing at my stomach.

I’ve not really done that much this week so it’s kind of strange that I feel like this, maybe I’ve just come to accept that I can’t change certain things and that I’ve done the best I can- it’s out of my hands now.

I’m talking about university. On Monday, Sheffield emailed me asking for my portfolio of work and I sent in two of my apps, and infographic and my image manipulation planets. Those are my favourite pieces and will hopefully impress the tutor in charge of my application!

I’ve been so anxious about my application but after sending my portfolio off I’ve calmed down a lot, I’ve done everything I can there’s no point panicking over it- it’s not going to help anything.
Hopefully I do hear back from them soon though, I’ll need to apply for student finance and as anyone who’s been to uni knows- it’s a right pain in the butt!


So what else have I been up to? Well Wednesday me and my friend Liz decided to have a takeaway and a catch up over at hers. It was a great night and I really enjoyed myself. That is, until the next morning. It seems that Pizza Hut decided to give us something we didn’t order: food poisoning!

Liz was a lot worse than me, I didn’t eat as much of the pizza as she did so we’re assuming that’s what was off. She actually had to come home from work because she was being sick so much! I put a complaint in and they say they’re investigating and will get back to me but it’s put me off eating there in future.

Even worse is that is that it’s set my eating disorder back off again! I’m hoping that it’s only going to last a few days like it sometimes does when I relapse as I can’t cope being that ill again. It took me nearly a year to recover last time, I don’t want to have to go through all that again, especially not over a pizza!
This week I’ve done something I’m really quite proud of: I’ve managed to sell three items on eBay! Now I know almost everyone does this these days and some of you may be wondering what the big deal is, but for some reason this has been causing me to have panic attacks!

Thanks for this one brain, love you too…

I’m not completely sure what in particular sets it off, I’m thinking it’s the posting part; worrying that I’ve put the wrong item in, have I got the address right, will it actually get there, what do I do if it doesn’t…you get the general idea…

Now luckily my auntie has worked in a post office for most of her life so she’s been a life saver! She’s talked me through everything and been really helpful, she’s not made me feel stupid about panicking and made me feel I’m overreacting. She’s even taken the first two packages to work with her and posted them for me! But the last item was bought on Thursday and Friday is her day off so I had to take it in myself. It’s strange but posting something (which I’ve never actually done before now) really gave me a boost, it made me feel like I could actually successfully adult at something!

That actually sounds quite sad when I read it back…Moving quickly on!


Yesterday some of my family came over to my nan and grandads to help clean up their garden. We actually live next door to my grandparents so we decided to go round and help too and it turned out to be a really fun afternoon! Our family isn’t really that close to us, they’re all Jehovahs Witnesses and we aren’t so they don’t have much in common with us. I don’t even have half my families phone numbers!

But since nan broke her hip and became wheelchair bound we’ve all started to become a lot closer as we help look after her and take some of the strain off my grandad.

This video is an example of just how daft we all are! You wouldn’t believe he’s 56! (Although it’s a shame he didn’t fall…could have got £250!) 

We’re going to be having a big fire in a few weeks to burn off all the wood and trees that were cut down so that’s something to look forward to. We’ll end up making a part out of it and having some food and something to drink knowing us!

Oh and I almost forgot: yesterday I hit 1,000 views on this blog!!! I can’t believe that 1,000 people have viewed this in the two months that I’ve been blogging! Thank you so much to everyone who’s been reading and I look forward to hitting many more milestones!

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What I’ve Learnt From Tinder

Now Tinder is something I swore I would never use. I’ve just no interest in dating- hell I even wrote a post about The Perks of Being Single! I’d heard some right horror stories too and I just couldn’t be bothered with it all.

Buy my friends kept nagging at me to give it a try though and after a while I got fed up of them and downloaded it to shut them up. While it wasn’t half as bad as I expected it to be (probably because I was super picky with who I matched with) its still not something I’m interested in and it’s probably going to get deleted really soon.


To be fair, I’ve only had three bad experiences; one guy had a picture of his penis as his profile photo (and if thats the best looking part of him, I really pity him- I need a brain scrub after seeing that!!), one guy that I don’t even remember matching with messaging me clearly just wanting sex and finally one guy who waited ten days after matching with me to tell me I look like I have Down’s Syndrome. Lovely bloke, can see why he’s single.

But from all this I’ve learnt something that I never expected to; you are in control of the people in your life. Now obviously there are people you can’t control like people you work with or the people at school with you, but even these you don’t have to talk to outside of those settings if you don’t want to. Both the guy wanting sex and the guy that tried to insult me I simply unmatched and that one act actually made me feel really empowered.

I don’t really know how to explain it better than that.

I realised that I could just delete them, didn’t even have to dignify their comments with an answer. Just delete and move on. It was an amazing feeling and it ended up seeping into other parts of my life; I went onto Facebook and deleted the people I had on there but didn’t actually want. The people I was only keeping them on there because I felt that I had to.

I also realised that I didn’t have to keep in contact with people that weren’t any good for me, even if they were supposed to be friends. There were people that were saying I was “weird” for some of the things I say or do and would say things that made me feel bad about myself. I decided that these aren’t the kind of people I need in my life anymore, I have enough voices in my head telling me that, I don’t need my so-called friends doing it too. The same with people that only ever talked to me when they want something, I decided to delete their numbers and move on!

Photo 12-08-2016, 09 26 15

I can tell I’ve not blogged all week as this has turned into a bit of a rambly post and I’m actually finding it hard to write what I want to say!

The point I’m trying to make is that you should never feel like you have to keep someone in your life that isn’t building it up. If someone is bringing you down then you need to think about why you’re allowing them into your lives.

One of my friends has given me permission to blog about her experience with a seriously toxic “friend” at school who basically controlled her life for years, so I’ll be writing that in the next few days. Hopefully her story will help other people that are caught in a similar situation.


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